Cut me up


The casino criminal bankers staked too high. So now the steaks will be cut from you. The game got out of control, so the shanks of societal life must be slipped from their attachments. They larked in the square mile, and lap-danced and Michelin star-gutted a nation, so the lacerations must be made. Tip out the Krug, it might ease an open wound. Who needs nurses? Let it bleed? Who needs teachers, when the wharf canaries must feed. Students squeal as the skin starts to peel, but cuts must go deep. Can a country give up its tenderloins and keep its chops? Pass me the scalpel, I need to cut the deficit. I love this old blade because my first one lost its bonus. Fill the libraries with cartilage and gristle, people can lend and learn from that.

True Crime in the cuts

Author: Duncan Campbell

Much attention has been paid, understandably enough, to the future of the National Health Service as it undergoes ‘reforms’, the current euphemism for ‘cuts.’ But what about another service >>>


Author: Harry Malt

I am the worst kind of person. An East London Hipster, all my friends are dicks. I am a parasite in this once honest community. A frequenter of high >>>


Author: Nadia Khomami/Teresa Goncalves/Ashton Thornton

“A silence seared, and the world ran dead.
But on the heels they turned, and pressed lidless eyes into a burning sun.”
The constraint of any capitalist society >>>

Exclusive: Noam Chomsky - The Most Wanted List

Author: Noam Chomsky

Illustration: Fumie Kamijo

On February 13, Imad Moughniyeh, a senior commander of Hizbollah, was assassinated in Damascus. "The world is a better place without this man in it," State Department spokesperson Sean >>>

Monoculture Vulture

Author: Neal Lawson

Culture and consumption are difficult bedfellows. The artist has to live and therefore sell. But does the artist have to sell out? I concern myself with the spread of >>>

The Ox-Hunger

Author: By Sarah Newstead

22: 21 And put a knife to thy throat, if thou be a man given to gluttony. He can\'t remember the first time he stuck his fingers down his >>>

Election Insider

Author: Curtis Blanc

Just like everyone else, the US election would come to mind every so often or the news would remind me of what was overdue, but by the 4th November >>>

696 Form crystallises the Orwellian creep

Author: Mark Donne

Life can be tough for your contemporary peeler, stab proof vests, tasers, the unearthing of unspeakable crimes against women and children and the daily battle to ensure that the >>>

Cometh the “A list” Revolution?

Author: By Jon McClure


Celebrities – occupying various positions on the scale of idolatry – are without doubt the all-powerful übermensch of our times. A new super-bourgeoisie, whose lifestyles, fashion changes and personal >>>

The Essay is an Irresistible Form

Author: Stephen Habberley

Illustration: Siobhan Clay

"The essay is an irresistible form: the one chance the dead get to speak to us." Gore Vidal, still very much alive, was in Brighton to talk to Andrew Marr >>>

Sonnet of Ninus

Author: Zoe Richards

Sonnet of Ninus

In love, she was much younger than he was. Pretty, a nymph disguised, but not a child. Thisbe never needed, felt any loss. Her face was fresh, eyes wide and nothing styled. It >>>

Frisbeetarianism and a whole other load of issues

Author: Kate Kayuda

Frisbeetarianism and a whole other load of issues

Frisbeetarianism is a religion of unclear origins. The basic principle of it is that when you die, your soul goes up on a roof and you cannot get it >>>

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